Diane Venzera, LLC

Curriculum & Trainings Solutions for Today's World

Our Purpose
We are innovative, creative, individuals dedicated to creating products and services that support and encourage Spiritual and personal development in people of all ages.

Our Beliefs
  • Everyone is born with the Spark of Divinity within them.
  • We all have the capacity to access that Divine Spark and allow it to direct our lives.
  • There is an interdependent relationship between a thriving church and a thriving youth & family ministry.
  • Our children & teens are not just a future congregation but are an important segment of our current congregations with their own set of needs and expectations.
  • Our Children, Teen & Family ministry programs are active ministries where children & teens have the opportunity to grow in Spiritual understanding and explore how those Spiritual principles relate to their own lives.
  • Building community, in all its aspects, is essential to a thriving program.
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Diane Venzera is a Certified Spiritual Educator, a Licensed Unity Teacher and an Ordained Unity Minister with a focus in Youth & Family ministry. She has served as a Youth Ministry Director in the Chicago area for the past 20 years.

She chair emeritus for Board of Trustees for Unity Worldwide Ministries. She is also a facilitator for the National Youth & Family Ministry Training week at Unity Village.

Diane has been a contributing writer for the Unity Worldwide Ministries curriculum books, What a Wonderful World, Celebrating My God Self, Unity Basics for Y.O.U. & Other Young Adults and the writer and creator of the vacation church school program, The Amazing Creation Studio.

In addition, she has authored many Children's Ministry programs and curriculum that are featured on this web-site.

Currently Diane serves as the Executive Director of Spirit's Light Foundation, a 501 (c)3 corporation and alternative Unity ministry. She also serves as the Youth Minister at Unity Northwest Church in Des Plaines, IL and as the Great Lakes Region & Eastern Regions Youth & Family Ministry Consultant. As the Regional Consultant, Diane serves over 200 churches by consulting with and training the Youth & Family ministry staffs.

Diane is passionate about being an advocate for children and teens and for creating and developing materials and programs that assist them in recognizing their own Divine nature.