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Youth & Family Ministry Program Consultation
Do you have a desire to have an integrated, thriving Youth & Family Ministry program,
but are not sure of your next step?

Are you searching for ways to create a well-functioning team of volunteers?

We can train and guide you in bringing forth your vision.

Contact me for pricing and scheduling.

Consultation Services
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Consultations begin by meeting, via phone or email, with the Ministry Leadership Team in order to discuss the current status of the youth & family ministry program; to identify pressing needs and to determine the direction in which the ministry wants to go.

An on-site visit is then scheduled, and meetings and/or trainings are held with the Ministry Leadership Team, Youth & Family Ministry team, parents and other members of the Spiritual community.

A plan is then designed that will provide ongoing support as the teams work to achieve their goals.


Just a few of the services offered:


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Youth & Family Ministry Assessment
Created by Unity Worldwide Ministries, this assessment tool provides valuable information regarding the current status of the youth & family ministry program.
Visioning & Goal Setting
Having a clear vision and knowing how to bring it into being are key factors in creating the programs that are desired.
Policy & Procedure Development
The foundation of a solid youth & family ministry program is based on solid, clear policies and procedures. Once these are in place and communicated to all, the functioning of the programs flow more smoothly.
Sunday Program Observation
Observation of the Sunday programs in action provides additional information that is used to design trainings that will enhance the skills of the team.
Training Recommendations
Trainings are designed that will assist the team in creating enriching, interactive, relevant experiences that meet the needs of all.