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Curriculum & Trainings Solutions for Today's World

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Charles Fillmore - Revealing Word Online
New Thought Sharers around the world bringing you an ever expanding collection of New Thought Classics. LINK
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Children of the Earth United
An adventure in environmental education. Many ideas and resources that help our kids connect to the Earth. LINK
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Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline integrates social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation. LINK
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Exploratorium Science Snacks are miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium. LINK
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Generation ON
GenerationOn is the global youth service movement igniting the power of all kids to make their mark on the world. LINK
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HeartMath tools and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds. LINK
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Illumination Arts Publishing
Illumination Arts publishes inspirational children's books to "inspire the mind, touch the heart, and uplift the spirit."  LINK
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Inspire My Kids
Welcome to world's largest community of inspiration for kids. LINK
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Inspired Parenting Magazine
Articles, blogs and ideas about enlightened parenting. LINK
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Kids Relaxation
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Legacy Project
The Legacy Project at is a big-picture learning and social innovation project. LINK
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Little Pickle Press
Meaningful books and media for children. LINK
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MindUP™ teaches social and emotional learning skills. LINK
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Relax Kids
Relax Kids relaxation has helped children cope with a range of stressful situations. LINK
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Responsive Classroom
Responsive Classroom is a research- and evidence-based approach to elementary education. LINK
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Sarah Pirtle & the Discovery Center
Sarah Pirtle helps to build supportive communities for young people. LINK

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Search Institute
Search Institute has a 50-year legacy of linking research and practice to address critical issues. LINK
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Stress Free Kids
Lori Lite offers accessible tips to show families how to integrate relaxation exercises and activities. LINK
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Susan Kaiser Greenland
Blog and information about raising mindful kids. LINK
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Teampedia is a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities and tools for teams. LINK
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Yurio's World
Yurio's World inspires today's boys and girls to create happiness from the inside-out! LINK