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A Spiritual Journey of Advent

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Advent represents our inward preparation for the rebirth of the Christ in our heart.

The Purpose
This is a Unity interpretation of Advent as a spiritual journey. Each lesson is aligned with a portion of the Christmas story so the order might be slightly different than the traditional Advent format. The colors have also been modified from the traditional purple and pink to red and white.

The Advent Experience is 4-fold
It begins with “The Invitation”
  • (Advent Focus: “Hope/Promise”) – This is when we invite our Christ Light to shine more brightly. It is important to understand that as we invite the light or Christ presence to show up more strongly – all that stands in the way of that will begin to show up. It shows up to be either removed, released or transformed – the choice is ours.

The second step is “The Journey”
  • (Advent Focus: “Love/Wisdom”) - At any moment in time we are on some sort of journey or quest – it can be something as simple as finding a new job or a complicated as moving through a dark night of the soul experience. But, if we are committed to the journey of self-discovery then we know the choice is to move forward.

The third step is “The Chaos”
  • (Advent Focus: “Peace/Insight”) - As we continue our journey sometimes slip into times of confusion…Am I going the right way? What idea was I following? How can I hear the voice of Spirit with all this confusion in my mind? How do I know anything? The wonderful thing is we are never alone on the journey and all the tools and resources are provided for us if we know where to look for them.

The final piece is “The Destination”
  • (Advent Focus: Joy/Christlight”) – It is not a specific place to be but rather a way of being. It is the place in consciousness that you want to live your life from and your “Shining Star” within marks the spot for you.

Multigenerational Programing
In addition to the four weeks of lessons for preschool, elementary, middle school and high school aged students, also included are:
  • All age Advent Spiral Celebration
  • Adult focused Advent Candle Lighting program
  • Sunday Morning Service talking points.

Multigenerational Programing
(Ages 3 years to Adult)


Scope & Sequence