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Fishy Tales

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Literature (Movie)
The Purpose/Vision
There are 5 lessons that explore the Metaphysical teachings found in the journey of Marlin, Dory & Nemo, from the movie, Finding Nemo. We are all on a Spiritual journey through life and exploring the stories of others often helps us to make sense of our own journey.

Key learning objectives
  • To explore the idea that God is with us through every adventure in our life.
  • To understand that even if we forget that we are a Divine Child of God, we are never far from the power of Spirit because it is within us.
  • To know that the Spirit of God within us is always good no matter what appearances may tell us.
  • To understand that when we live fully aware of being in the flow of Spirit we can overcome any obstacle because we understand that God is unchanging, all good and everywhere present.

(For Children 5 to 10 years)


Scope & Sequence