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A Season of Lent

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The Purpose/Vision
Lent and the season of Easter are all about releasing and letting go of all the error thinking that has kept us attached to thoughts and ideas that no longer serve us. It is a time of inner cleansing and a rebirth of the Christ presence within us.

The purpose of this curriculum is to use story and creative experiences to explore the events of this Holy Week and to understand how the wisdom in these stories still has meaning in our lives today.

Key learning objectives
  • For the children & teens to understand the events of Holy Week.
  • To assist the children & teens in understanding the deeper message of each story.
  • To invite them to discover how they can use the wisdom within each story to empower their lives.
  • To assist them in finding their own unique expression of the Truth within the stories and how to live a more conscious life.

(For All Ages 3 to 18 years)


Scope & Sequence