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Minister Support

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What can ministers and board members do to grow, support and empower a thriving youth ministry program?
Listed below are some resources to support this growth.
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Have an overall set of goals that you feel the children and teens in your ministry need to learn and experience.
What are the qualities you would like your youth director to possess? How important is it that they know how to manage volunteers?
Use this list to create the youth director job description that best serves your ministry.
The Youth & Family Ministry Guide from Unity Worldwide Ministries offers a lot of information about creating a thriving youth ministry program, including how to hire a youth director.
This budget will give you an idea of the funding needed to fully support a youth ministry program. The ministry this comes from has about 125 adults and about 25 children/teen on a Sunday plus has a volunteer staff of 15 teachers. The youth director's salary is not included in this budget.
Here is a 2013 survey of youth ministry director salaries from around the country.
Unity Worldwide Ministries created this survey as part of the Thriving in Unity 2.0 program. It is an excellent document that will give you an overview of the state of your programs.
See where your ministry stands in its pro-youth status.