Program Foundations

Creating the Vision

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Unity of Fabulous Abundance!
  • Imagine stepping into a Unity church anywhere in the world and experiencing thriving adult and youth ministries.
  • Imagine a youth and family ministry filled with credentialed leaders who are dedicated to leading our programs.
  • Imagine our classrooms filled with the faces of empowered children, teens and volunteers.
  • Imagine a Unity community that honors and serves the needs of all who step through its doors.
It all begins with a vision...

Visioning Activity

Policies & Procedures

What really creates a strong program is to have your policies and procedures clearly defined. Make them available to your congregation so that everyone can recognize the high quality of programs you offer.

Sex Offender Policy
Youth Director Job Description
Youth Ministry Budget Sample
Youth & Family Ministry Assessment Tool
Three Year Curriculum Plan Sample

Family Friendly Ministry

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Is Your Church Family Friendly?
According to Tom Clegg of Church Growth Institute, "When visitors walk through the door, they will decide in 3 to 8 minutes whether they will return." What do people experience when they walk into your church for the first time?

Some questions to consider:
  • Where do I go?
  • Will anyone assist my child?
  • What do the children experience? 

10 Things to Empower Youth Ministry Programs
Welcoming Everyone

The Environment

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What does your Youth Ministry space look like?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it welcoming?
  • Is it furnished appropriately for children and teens?

The Environment

Getting the Word Out!

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Creating the foundation pieces for your youth and family ministry program is just the first step!

Now, how do you let people know how fabulous you are?

Here are some samples of things you can create...

Youth Ministry Brochure for the Welcome Packet
Youth Ministry Parent Handbook


Helpful Websites

Spirit's Light Foundation

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support and products.

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The world's leading developer
of lessons and resources that
teach giving & volunteerism,
civic engagement & character
through service learning.

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Inspire My Kids

Inspiration videos and activities
that can be used in
lessons to encourage
and inspire our
children and teens.

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The Legacy Project

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