$25.00 I Believe
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Holiday, Literature (Movie)
The 4 lessons are based on the wisdom found within the movie, The Polar Express. The movie explores the journey of a young boy and his experiences as he searches for what Christmas means to him. What he encounters causes him to question his beliefs and to come to understand that it is the Spirit of Christmas that lives within his heart. He also realizes that he, alone, has the power to keep this feeling alive all year long.

Program Overview
This material invites our children to take their own Spiritual journey. They are given the opportunity to explore how willing they are to question what they believe and to say yes to new ideas; to discover what is needed to move through barriers on the path; and to name and accept something wonderful about themselves.

This material also invites the children to really look at what Christmas means to them and how they can keep the spirit alive all year long.
Children ages 5 to 10
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