$25.00 Journey of Oz
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Literature (Movie)
The Purpose/Vision
The purpose is to introduce and substantiate the “TRUTH” secret that all we ever need to succeed in life is right within us. Through the Christ Spirit within, the real Wizard, we can do all things. This is the only place we need to look.“Oz is within….I am the wizard…There’s no place like home.”

As we enter this special land of Oz, we will discover that within us resides the characteristics of Dorothy, Everyman and Everywoman. Symbolically, I our own spiritual journey we have left, as did the prodigal son, for the “far country” in order to find the secret of the abiding place of true happiness. Just like the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion, we feel that everything would be just right if only we had a magical power or formula, a magic wand to change things.

Also included is a CD with additional activities
Children ages 5 to 10 & Preteens 11 to 13
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