$25.00 each or $65.00/set Awakening to Spiritual Power: Children, Teens, & Adults
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Multi-week Series, Literature
The materials explore the idea that we are not who we think we are. We are powerful, creative souls who sometimes forget our true nature. The classes will focus on developing tools and practices that lead us to an authentic life.
Key Objectives

  • To follow the topics in the adult study group based on the book, The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer, but to use age appropriate story books.
  • To build community among the group through common experiences and sharing.
  • For each individual to feel safe and supported in their quest for greater understanding of a life based in spiritual growth.
This Curricula is designed as a multi-week series that includes a set of lessons that includes the following:
  • Awakening to Spiritual Power for Children
  • Awakening to Spiritual Power for Preteens and Teens
  • Awakening to Spiritual Power, Adult Study Group Facilitator’s Guide
The materials may be purchases individually or as a set.
Children ages 3 to 10
Preteens-Teens ages 11 to 18
Adult Study Group Materials
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