Family Friendly Ministry

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Is Your Church Family Friendly?
According to Tom Clegg of Church Growth Institute,
"When visitors walk through the door, they will decide in 3 to 8 minutes whether they will return." What do people experience when they walk into your church for the first time?

Some questions to consider:
  • Where do I go?
  • Will anyone assist my child?
  • What do the children experience?

Multigenerational Ministry

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What are multigenerational events and why are they necessary for a thriving ministry?

Supporting Documents & Resources
Supporting Documents & Resources
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The 7 Week Series for children, teens, and adults
Ideas for a multigenerational Sunday event.
Explore ministry that serves all generations.
Activities that are inclusive.
Grow a garden that includes the whole community.
It takes all of us to serve each of us.
Supporting Documents & Resources
Story Books to Use as a Multigenerational Sunday Experience
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Becoming Me, by Martin Boroson
The Dreamer, by Cynthis Rylant
At Break of Day, by Nikki Grimes
All about the days of creation and creating your own world.
The Everything Seed, by Carole Martignacco
Also a creation story but also focuses on how we are all connected by the seed of life.
Feathers, retold by Heather Forest
It is a Jewish folk tale about the power of the word
God’s Paintbrush, by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
About all the things we have in common. 
I Wish I Were a Butterfly, by James Howe
About liking yourself as you are.
In God’s Name, by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
About how we all see God through our own eyes and can be in conflict but it can also bring us together.
In Our Image, by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Creation story but from the perspective of the animals who were already here.
Mean Soup, by Betsy Everitt
About dealing with anger.
Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister
The importance of sharing.
The Shoemaker’s Dream, by Masahiro Kasuya
About seeing the Christ everywhere.
The Sneeches, by Dr. Suess
About being inclusive and another about the problem with being stubborn.
Stone Soup, by Jon Muth
About the value of all and working together in community.
World on a String, by Larry Phifer
Letting go. It is a gorgeously illustrated book.
Zen Shorts, by Jon Muth
Has a few stories woven in about letting go, etc…