$25.00 Tales of Wonder & Imagination
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“The human soul has an inextinguishable need to have the substance of fairy tales flow through its veins, just as the body needs to have nourishing substances circulate through it.” -Rudolf Steiner

Fairy tales and fables, like any other wisdom story, contain deep messages on how to live an empowered life. When we expose our children to the wisdom in these stories, we are providing for them a road map through life. By exploring the actions, choices and outcomes the characters experienced, our children can gain insight into what is happening in their own lives.

Often the child in the story is left out or abandoned in some way, yet, they are always able to overcome their circumstances through their own innate wisdom and power. It is important for our children to understand this and claim their power.

Children instinctively know that these stories are just stories. They understand that they are not true on a literally level but are examples of the inner challenges we all must face and overcome. Also, we all have experiences that are challenging or frightening. Fairy tales tell the children that these challenging or frightening experiences can be overcome and that they are not powerless.
For children ages 5 to 10
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