$25.00 May the Force Be With You
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Literature (Movie)
There are 12 lessons, 4 that align with each of the original three, Star Wars, movies.

The, Star Wars, movies are about the hero/heroine’s journey from self-doubt to transformation. The hero/heroine is a regular person living a mundane life and wanting more. It is the story, often set in motion by tragedy, of how extraordinary things can happen in ordinary lives.

The movies focus on the battle between the forces of light, the rebels and the Empire, who represents the darkness. But the battle is not just happening out in space. It is also a part of our human experience. We all, at one time or another, are invited on a quest to bring into the light some undiscovered aspect of ourselves. As with most quests it is not a solo journey. All along the way there are guides, allies, mentors and teachers who show up just when needed to help us move through those long held ideas and beliefs that hold us back. When we accept that the darkness is as much a part of us as the light, when we accept all of our nature, we come to the knowledge of who we really are, children of the Light, children of the Force!

Also included is a CD with additional activities.
Children ages 5 to 10 &
Preteens ages 11 to 13
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